Full Dentures

Full dentures in east Queensland

Immediate full dentures for the smile of your dreams.

Complete, or full, dentures are created and applied when all teeth are missing and can either be “conventional” or “immediate”, depending on your condition. With aid from our friends at Apex Dental Lab in Southport, the Gold Coast Mobile Dentist can have your new or repaired dentures back in your mouth in just 72 hours.

What are dentures?

When your natural teeth have had to be removed, or if you are missing teeth, you will require artificial teeth and gums to create a natural-looking smile. Either full (if all teeth have been removed), or partial (if only a few teeth have been removed), dentures are completely customised to fit only your mouth and should visually match your existing teeth.

Today, dentures are made of a hard resin material which is more fragile than natural teeth, so they can chip, fracture or crack if dropped or not looked after correctly. Unfortunately, this resin wears down a lot quicker than natural teeth and therefore needs to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Created to resemble every aspect of your mouth, dentures are held in place by a supporting structure with a natural-looking gum line made from similar resin, and should sit snuggly and comfortably in your mouth. Not only do dentures resemble your natural smile, but they also assist in supporting the structure of your cheeks and lips so you can chew, speak and breathe normally. These tough artificial teeth make it easier for you to eat foods that need to be chewed so you don’t need to alter your diet or lifestyle.

Dentures are also the most viable solute to replacing teeth that cause serious pain and oral health issues where severe rotting and damage is present. These dentures will eliminate these troublesome teeth and give you a legitimate, aesthetically-pleasing smile.

How do Dentures work?

If all your teeth have been removed, full dentures will be custom-made and fitted for your top or bottom gum line. These devices are held in place either by suction and/or an oral adhesive applied to your gums. Even though they are stuck to your gums, dentures can be easily removed and should be taken out every night before bed and cleaned twice daily. Depending on where you need them, the base of your upper dentures would cover the palate or roof of your mouth, while the lower denture, which is shaped like a horseshoe, would lie flat in the base of your mouth to accommodate your tongue.

Our dentists here at Gold Coast Mobile Dentist would take an impression of your mouth before sending this mould through to the laboratory in Southport. Due to the latest technology that is being utilised in the laboratory, we would be able to offer you immediate full dentures. This means that almost immediately after your teeth are removed, we will insert your dentures.

During surgery to remove your teeth, the dentist will take various measurements and impressions of your jaw and send these through to the workshop for custom construction.  Given Apex’s incredible turn-around time of just 72 hours, we will visit you again within 3 days and fit your dentures to your mouth. We will need to come back, however, within a few months to reline these dentures because the bone supporting your teeth would have reshaped as your mouth heals, thus causing the denture to become loose.

Full Dentures Gold Coast

Gold Coast Mobile Dentist is proud to partner with Apex Dental to guarantee that you spend minimal time without your teeth post extraction. If you believe you may need full dentures and cannot get to a dental practice. We will bring our dental van and team out to see you and help you achieve the smile you have longed for.