Repairs & Reline

Denture relines and adjustments on the Gold Coast

Denture repairs, relines and adjustments for your distinctive status.

As we age, naturally, our mouth and jaw changes shape and appearance. Bones shrink, gums recede and we need to be aware of these changes, especially if you, our valued seniors, wear dentures. If your dentures aren’t being changed as your mouth is, infection, mouth sores and other uncomfortable issues could occur. Gold Coast Mobile Dentist have the facilities and expertise to assist with denture repairs, relines and adjustments to ensure that as your mouth changes, your dentures can follow their lead and you can carry on enjoying the best days of your life. We also suggest a new set of full dentures every five to seven years to ensure ideal oral well-being in your older years.

Denture repairs

For you to be able to chew, speak and smile with full confidence in your dentures, they need to be in their best condition and function as they should. A denture repair will certainly be necessary if you have dropped, chipped or broken your dentures. Denture material can also erode, break down or even fracture and thus the longer it is worn, the higher the possibility is of this occurring. Fractures and breaks occur due to poor-fitting dentures so as you apply force through chewing or biting, the upper and lower set will not align perfectly, and a break, visible through a crack, may ensue. Fractures are also apparent if your dentures have been dropped and the appliance can break at any part. Luckily, when dentures were made, these possibilities were taken into consideration and we can fix them rather quickly. One of the more successful ways to repair a denture is through relining or revitalizing it – a simple process with outstanding and long-lasting results.

Denture relining

As mentioned, gums and bone underneath your full or partial dentures will continue to shrink, naturally. This process happens so gradually that you may not even realise it has happened until your dentures do not fit comfortably and it may be too late. Your denture will now need to be reset by our dentist adding material (namely, acrylic resin) to it. This material is durable, comfortable, looks great and is easily repairable. Relining or ‘basing the denture’ by reinforcement, can be done at your home when we visit you, assuming that the modification isn’t too large. Even if it is more serious, we will send your dentures to our laboratory and have them back to you in minimal time, once relined.

Because of the fit of your dentures changes over time, we would suggest having them relined every one to two years just to guarantee they are fitting as they should. To be more specific, there are actually two types of relines: hard and soft denture relines. Hard denture relines should be done every two years and the process involves removing a layer of plastic from inside the surface of the denture and then using it to create an impression. This impression is sent to our laboratory, relined and adjusted to fit the latest shape of your gum tissue. Soft denture relines, however, are done if you cannot wear normal dentures due to tender or sore gums. The material used for soft denture relines is much softer and gentler on your gums and therefore causes less irritation and pain. A pliable material is used and can last for one to two years before needing another reline. Chat to us about soft denture relines as we may advise an alternative treatment.

Denture adjustments Gold Coast

Another alternative to maintaining your dentures is just a small adjustment. Here we can make small adjustments to your device within the first few weeks of having your set of full or partial dentures. If you notice minor discomfort, irritation or increased saliva flow, book an appointment with us to do a denture adjustment. These adjustments are known as a ‘quick fix’ as they can save some money, improve your oral health and quickly, assist with creating an aesthetically pleasing smile and also reduce discomfort.

Gold Coast Mobile Dentist can assist with every aspect of your denture maintenance and care. We would love to visit you and discuss the options available to you for maximum comfort when wearing your dentures.