Simple tooth extractions for a straighter smile

Removing an unwanted tooth couldn’t be simpler.

At Gold Coast Mobile Dentist, we are able to do simple tooth extractions. We normally perform this procedure on teeth that are visible and sit above the gum line. Local anaesthetic is dispensed and we remove the whole tooth from its socket using tools like elevators and forceps. Tooth extractions are necessary in cases where your teeth are decayed or damaged to a level where they cannot be repaired or restored.

If your teeth are under immense stress, crowded, suffered a trauma or have disease, they may need to be removed or extracted. If the damage is just too severe and no filling or crown can restore the tooth, a simple tooth extraction may be your best solution.

The process of a simple extraction

Step 1: We will do a full review of your dental history and make sure that you’re in good enough health to remove the tooth. In our elderly patients, previous medical conditions and procedures such as hip and total knee replacements, may affect the medication we give you prior to a simple extraction. Certain heart conditions like murmurs and replacement of any heart valves may require the same approach to ensure that your body cooperates during the procedure and there are minimal to no complications. Medication for thinning blood or any blood- and platelet-related medicines may need to be put on hold or suspended until after your recovery period to prevent prolonged or excessive bleeding at the extraction site. Should you feel nervous, anxious or even a little terrified, we can consider sedation via nitrous oxide (‘Happy/Laughing Gas), oral anxiety tablets or even an intravenous option. At Gold Coast Mobile Dentist, we seek to make you as comfortable and care-free as possible – that’s why we come to you!

Simple extractions are conducted with a localised anaesthetic that is injected around the nerves of the tooth/teeth in question. Prior to the injection, we may use a topical numbing gel, applied a minute or so before the injection, so the pain of the needle is minimised for your relief.

Step 2: Your teeth are suspended in a shock-absorbing ligament (known as a ‘periodontal ligament’) and we just need to release this using a periotome instrument. We use a ‘safety net’ of gauze in the back of your mouth so that you don’t inhale or swallow the tooth once it is released from the periodontal ligament.

Step 3: Using a tool known as an elevator, we loosen the tooth in its socket applying some leverage to its flexible bony frame. With this leverage, the elevation of the tooth socket enlarges and we can remove it.

Step 4: Once loosened adequately, forceps are used to remove the tooth from your jaw. These forceps look like pliers and are appropriate for every type of tooth for which it is used. These forceps are used merely to pull out the now completely loosened tooth. Once removed, our dentists may suggest a few options based on the severity of the now empty socket. These could include a socket graft (where bone grated material is placed in the socket to preserve the space which the tooth once occupied), or an immediate dental implant (where no infection is apparent and a bone graft is done on the spot).

Step 5: Naturally, blood will flow out of the tooth socket so our dentist will apply pressure directly to this open area. You can rest assured that the bleeding will be minimal as there are no major arteries in any tooth sockets.

Step 6: Post-operative instructions and dental care will be explained to you in detail once the procedure is done. We are also readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have once the tooth has been removed.

Mobile Tooth Extractions on the Gold Coast

Simple tooth extractions have some impressive advantages included the fact that removing infected teeth often eliminates the root cause of infection and can cause rapid relief from both pain and swelling. Removing teeth also allows more space for the remaining teeth to straighten and grow in better alignment from both the upper and lower jaws. In the long run, removing damaged, broken or loose teeth can have long-lasting benefits that will lead to a better outcome in years to come.

Gold Coast Mobile Dentist performs this procedure regularly and if you are in need of a simple extraction, we would like to be your preferred partner in performing such. Give us a call today  phone 1300 768 802 to book your appointment where we will visit you.